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Global China Pulse

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2023


Front Matter




  • Global China’s Dark Side
    Ivan Franceschini, Ling Li


  • Taking a Moderate Path: Tang Erhe, Colonial Korea, and the Formation of a Dual Medical System in 1910s China
    Meng Zhang
  • Blaming, Naming, and Treating the ‘Malignant Cold’ in China (1918–1920)
    Marta Hanson, Michael Shi-yung Liu
  • The Politics of Care: Unveiling the Dynamics of Chinese Medical Labour in Algeria, 1960s – 1980s
    Dongxin Zou
  • ‘Acupuncture Enters the World’: Chinese Medicine and Chinese National Identity on a Global Stage, 1970s–1980s
    Emily Baum
  • From ‘Medical Revolution’ to Techno-Politics: The Transformation of Chinese Medical Teams in Zanzibar
    Yidong Gong
  • Complicated Entanglements: China and the Global Fund
    Elsa Fan
  • Ejiao in Flux: A Modern ‘Traditional’ Chinese Medicine and the Global Trade of Donkey Hides
    Wei Ye
  • Transpacific Taiwanese Americans and the Global Fight against Covid-19
    Wayne Soon


  • A Decade of the Belt and Road Initiative
    Jessica DiCarlo
  • (In)visible BRI
    Igor Rogelja
  • Towards a Three-dimensional Analysis of the BRI
    Han Cheng
  • Towards a Diasporically Grounded Global-China Analytic
    Jordan Lynton Cox
  • How the BRI Changed China
    Hong Zhang
  • A Decade of Environmental Change
    Cecilia Springer, Keren Zhu
  • The Urban Geographies of China’s Belt and Road Initiative
    Elia Apostolopoulou
  • The BRI, Grounded
    Jessica DiCarlo


  • Arise Africa, Roar China: A Conversation with Yunxiang Gao
    Emily Wilcox, Yunxiang Gao
  • Transpacific Developments: A Conversation with Monica DeHart
    Jordan Lynton Cox, Monica DeHart
  • Enclaves of Exception: A Conversation with Omolade Adunbi
    Miriam Driessen, Omolade Adunbi
  • Angloscene: A Conversation with Jay Ke-Schutte
    Jay Ke-Schutte, Miriam Driessen



About the Journal

ISSN: 2004-4607
Publisher: Lund University, Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies
Frequency: 2 issues/year

Global China Pulse (GCP) is an open access biannual publication that focuses on China’s international engagements in their various manifestations. Alongside the informational infrastructure The People’s Map of Global China provides, GCP offers a new space to publish content in a variety of styles and, possibly, experiment with different approaches and formats. GCP rests on two pillars: the conviction that today more than ever it is necessary to bridge the gap between the scholarly community, civil society, and the general public; and the related belief that open access is necessary to ethically reappropriate academic research from commercial publishers who restrict the free circulation of ideas.

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